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Good Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker
Owning a home is usually on a list of lifetime goals. And new home buyers usually have a lot of questions. Some worry about coming up with the down payment, some aren’t sure about their credit scores,...
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How to prepare for rising interest rates
Over the past few years it seemed every expert was telling us that interest rates would be rising, and now after years of record low rates, the Bank of Canada (BoC) has started to raise them. The...
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Bidding Wars - Cause or Effect?
What was once the phenomena of the two, major urban centres --Vancouver and Toronto -- has now bubbled over to smaller cities and communities within commuting distance of the big two.Bidding wars are...
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What's really going on in Canada's housing market?
What are we to make of the mixed messages in the media? Are we in a bubble? Has the bubble burst? Are prices going up? Are prices going down? Are sales down or are sales up? Are new housing starts up...
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